Last weekís topic was prayer. Today, one of several benefits of prayer. Let me start by telling you a story of what happened to me this week. I got into a discussion about replacing my Sprint cell phone. The Sprint salesman said Iím eligible for an upgraded phone, but I have to renew my two-year contract with a new two-year contract, even though I have one year left on what I have now. As you can see, I have not changed my phone.


How many of you would want to give up a one-year contract to start a new two-year commitment?

Yes - _________

No - _________

Next, how many of you would want the new commitment BECAUSE you got a new and better phone?

With this discussion, what also came to my mind was a concept of old and new covenants, something like when the new covenant comes the old covenant is made obsolete.


Letís take a look at a few snapshots of Jesusí life: Someone turn to:

Luke 2:21-24,33; 39-43; 46-48; 49-50; 51-52


Letís turn to Hebrews chapters 6 through 9, and someone take John 14:23-26.


Hebrews 6:19-7:3


Genesis 14:



Hebrews 7:



Hebrews 7:18


Hebrews 7:



Hebrews 8:3


Hebrews 8:






Hebrews 9:





Our homework for next week, mine and yours = what is meant by the following two verses?

Hebrews 9:16-17