The problem with us failing to walk by faith is, like Peter, a matter of taking our eyes off of our Creator, during our venture into unknown or uncomfortable territory. Do not belittle Peter, as he stepped forth to our Savior Jesus walking on water, when all others stayed in the boat. Peter also called for the Lord to command Peter to come to Him, not daring to walk on the water in his own power. Peter was and is mighty in faith by his venturing out in the first place. So, we can learn from this to put aside earthly distractions when our God calls, that we may beleive in Him and in His power which supports and uplifts us. In these days, worries about health, about finances, about wars and unrest down the street and around the world, and about our walk with our Messiah can be remedied if we focus our eyes, our sight, our purpose, on Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. A good start, perhaps, is knowing where He is, praising Him when one realizes they are slipping into an errant habit or behavior, and thereby renewing one's focus on Jesus who saves and redeems those who believe. What do I mean? I can mostly give examples of where I have failed, and sympathize with Peter who wept bitterly after denying his Lord, yet the Lord Jesus was Himself merciful even to come back to Peter, and restoring Peter with the loving command to tend His lambs. Would the world be merciful and forgiving as Jesus has been, and now is? It also occurs to me that when we take our eyes off our Lord, we sink and we cover less distance in the process. How is that forward step continued until we reach out for the Savior to strengthen us? As Peter was lifted to the surface of the water, so we may continue where we left off.